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Company Profile
Nihon Denkei
Company Name : Nihon Denkei Co., Ltd
President : Tanho Yanagi
Establish : 4th September 1950
Head Office Address : 3-5-12 Seikokaido Kanda Building Sotokanda Chiyoda-Ku Tokyo 101-0021 Japan
Tel : +81-3-3251-5731, Fax :+81-3-3251-5730
URL : http://www.n-denkei.co.jp

Sales Head Quarter : Same as Head office
Paid Up Capital : ¥1,159,170,000
Employee : 443 (at 31st March 2015)
Scope of Business : Sales of All type of Electronics Test & Measuring Instrument, Automation System and Semiconductor, Equipment Repair and Calibration, Equipment Leasing and Rental.

Range of Products : Electronics Test & Measuring Instrument, Communication Test Equipment, Industrial Measuring Equipment, Scientific & Chemical Equipment, Environmental Test Equipment, Automation Testing System, Electronics Component and Semiconductors, Computer and Peripheral.

Domestic & Overseas Branch/ Office : 35 domestic branches and 34 offices in overseas countries.

Main Customers : Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, Hitachi, JVC, Fujitsu, Pioneer, Fuji Xerox, Ricoh, Canon, IBM, Tokyo Univ., Waseda Univ., Nihon Univ., Tokyo Institute Technology, Government and other Major MNC.

Company History
September 1950 Company Establish Paid Up Capital ¥300,000
November 1984 Paid Up Capital ¥100,000,000
April 1985 Technical Center (System Factory) Establish
July 1988 Merchandise Center Establish
March 1989 Paid Up Capital ¥206,710,000
September 1990 Singapore Branch Establish
March 1991 Paid Up Capital ¥704,670,000
October 1991 JASDAQ Paid Up Capital ¥1,159,170,000
July 1996 Nihon Denkei (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Establish
August 1996 Nihon Denkei Co., Ltd. Shanghai China Representative Office Establish
September 1997 Nihon Denkei (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Establish
November 1997 Technical Center 2nd Office Establish
April 1998 Tohoku Representative Office Change to Tohoku Branch
July 1998 Talian China Representative Office Establish
January 1999 Shenzhen China Representative Office Establish
February 2000 Yokohama Branch ISO9002 Certified
October 2001 Head Office, Tokyo Branch, Tokyo-Minami Branch, Tama Branch, and  Atsugi Branch ISO9002 Certified
December 2001 Shiga Branch Establish
October 2002 Wuxi China Representative Office Establish
November 2002 Kansai Branch Establish
September 2003 ND Korea Co., Ltd Establish
February 2004 ISO14000 Certified
May 2004 Hiroshima Branch Establish
August 2004 Mishima Branch Establish
October 2004 Fukuoka Branch Establish
October 2004 Beijing, Guangzhou and Zhuhai China Representative Office Establish
January 2005 Mie office establish
May 2005 Kawasaki office establish
June 2005 Opened office Hitachinaka
October 2005 The Taiwan branch office, the Suzhou office establish
November 2005 Representative office in Hanoi, Vietnam Office Xiamen, Hangzhou and office opened Busan, Republic of Korea
January 2006 Himeji office opening
February 2006 Representative office in Thailand Remuchaban, Nihon Denkei opening (HK) Co., Ltd.
March 2006 Shonan office, open office Koriyama
May 2006 Sales office in southern Kyushu, Oita office, opening Product Center Kansai
July 2006 Chinto office establish
August 2006 Nihon Denkei Malaysia opened a representative office in Penang, Malaysia
November 2006 The Singapore branch office ISO17025 acquisition
December 2006 Nihon Denkei Thailand opened representative office in Chiang Mai
April 2007 Kitakyushu office opening
May 2007 Kanazawa office opening

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