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MALCOM - Reflow Checker, Flux Controller, Ultra Low Solid Controller, Dip Tester, Spiral Viscometer, Solder Paste Softner, Laser Thickness Detector, Tacking Tester, Wetting Tester, Aqua Meter, Solid Meter, I.O. Meter

MATSUNAGA - Automatic Voltage Regulator, UPS, Uniteruptible Power Supply, DC-AC Inverters, Frequency Converter, Slide Regulator, Universal Transformer, Switching Regulator

MCDRY - Electronic Drying Storage Case (Desiccator, Dry Cabinet) with moisture control reducing IC package and LED micro-cracking. (www.mcdry.asia)
Drying Storage Case

MEGURO - Signal Generator, Distortion Osicllator, Sweep Generator, Sweepscope, Digimarscope, Modulation Meter, Wow Flutter Meter, VTR Jitter Meter, CD Jitter Meter, Audio Analyzer, Distortion Meter, Noise Meter, Volt Meter, Q Meter

METRONIX - DC Power Supply, AC Power Supply, DC Constant Current Power Supply, Modular Type Power Supply, AC Constant Voltage Power Supply, Constant Frequency Power Supply

MINATO - EP-ROM Programmer, EP-ROM Eraser, Laser Doppler Velocity/ Length Meter, Wow Flutter/Jitter Analyzer
Wow Flutter/Jitter Analyzer

MINOLTA - TV Color Analyzer, CRT Convergence Analyzer, Thermometer. Chroma Meter, Illuminance Meter, Liminance Meter

MITSUBISHI - Surface and Volume Resistivity Meter, WCP Tester

MITSUBISHI PETROLCHEMICAL - Surface and Volume Resistivity Meter, WCP Tester

MITUTOYO - Coordinate Measuring Machine, Suftest Round Test, Microscope, Profile Projector, Micrometer, Laser Holoscale, Borematic, Digimatic Caliper Height Gauge, Depth Gauge, Dial Gauge, Gauge Block, Linner Height, Graphite
Digimatic Caliper

NF - Signal Generator, AC Voltmeter, LCR & LCZ Meter, Frequency Response Analyzer, Filter, Measuring Systems, Lock-In Amplifier, Preamplifier, AC Power Supply, Power Amplifier, Multifunction Synthesizer
Power Supply

NIHON TSUSHINKI (NITSUKI) - TV IF Modulator, TV Up Converter, VHF/UHF Power Amplifier, TV Sound Multiplex Modulator, Distribution Amplifier, Video Signal Generator, Color Pattern Generator, Synthesized Signal Generator

NISHIYAMA - Telephone Tester, ISDN/DOS Cable Simulator, Test Exchanger, Automatic Dial Analyzer, Telephone Network Simulator, Passive Bus Simulator, Artificial Subscriber Line

NISSOKU  - Temperature/Humidity Test Chamber

NOISEKEN - Noise Sensor, Noise Countermeasuring Equipment, Noise and Dip Recorder, Noise Catch Counter, Impulse Noise Simulator, Electrostatic Discharge Simulator, Voltage Dip Simulator, Lightning Surge Simulator, EM Cell, Shield Room 
Electrostatic Discharge Simulator

OI ELECTRIC - Optical Power Meter, Stabilized Light Source, Optical Attenuator, Optical Fiber Tester, Modern Tester, Protocol Analyzer, Ceiling Signal Generator, Transmission Measuring Set, Psophometer, PCW Tester, Level Recorder

ONO SOKKI - FFT Analyzer, Sound Level Meter, Digital Tachometer, Torque Meter, Rotary Encorder, Micro Meter, Linear Gauge Sensor, Digital Caliper, Non Contact Thickness Meter, Charge Amplifier

ONSOKU - Level Recorder, Sound Meter, Audio Tester. Buzz Tester, Speaker Test Oscillator, Impedance Adapter, AC Voltmeter, True RMS Meter, Voice Coil Temperature Meter, Polarity Checker, Variable Filter, CRT Crack Checker

PANASONIC - Digital Storage Scope, Logic Analyzer, Protocol Analyzer, FFT Analyzer, Digital Signal Analyzer, Signal Generator, Video Signal Generator, Low Frequency Oscillator, Modulator, Audio Analyzer

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